About the UNI Calendar Categories

Below you'll find a brief description of each of the calendar categories.
The academic calendar includes the dates classes start and end, breaks during the semester, such as spring break, and key dates to drop/add classes, etc.
Alumni events, both on campus and in locations outside of Cedar Falls.
Panther athletic events.
Career fairs and workshops, both for UNI students, UNI alumni and the public.
Conferences, workshops and camps offered by UNI departments for the public andK-12 students, including business workshops by the Executive Development Center and Business and Community Services, music camps by the School of Music and academic conferences. 
Exhibits at the UNI Art Gallery and in other locations on campus, films and academic lectures.
Workshops by Financial Aid on money management, scholarships and other financial aid topics.
Meetings on campus, such at the Board of Regents, State of Iowa, and other meetings of interest to the campus community or general public.
Activities by UNI students, faculty and staff that impact the community around campus and beyond.
Music, theatre, dance, comedy and other performing arts events, primarily at the Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, Russell Hall, Strayer-Wood Theatre and Lang Hall.
Events that are a part of the Reaching for Higher Ground project, including a series of signature events to promote civil discourse around the Sept. 11 attacks. More information may be found on the Reaching for Higher Ground website.
Special events affecting the entire campus, including Homecoming and Family Weekend.
Events hosted by UNI student organizations.
Training sessions designed for UNI faculty and staff to improve job skills, campus communication, etc.
Events at the University Museums.