Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology

SAC Diversity Colloquium: "The Rise in Hate Crimes in the American Midwest"

The SAC Diversity Colloquium will welcome Gary Nachman to give a talk entitled, "The Rise in Hate Crimes in the American Midwest." Gary Nachman has been associated with the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for over 25 years. Formerly board president, as well as longtime member, Gary is currently the Regional Director for the Plains States Region (ADL-CRC). Having served on other non-profit boards, Gary brings his passion for ADL’s mission: “ secure justice and fair treatment to all...,” as he builds allies, partnerships, and endeavors to provide everyone a clear voice, dignity and respect. Working to keep the Jewish community safe in an era of heightened security aware-ness, Gary has formed the Nebraska Jewish Security Task Force and, building on this format, is actively working to create a similar alliance model with other faith-based institutions in the Omaha community. Members of the community are welcome to participate in a virtual discussion. Zoom registration link:

Diversity Colloquium: Health Inequalities in the Age of COVID-19

Health Inequalities in the Age of COVID-19 is a panel discussion that will bring panelists from across UNI and the Cedar Valley community to discuss their research and professional experiences related to health inequalities and the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Dr. Adam Froyum Roise, Physician and Black Hawk County Board of Health
Rev. Abraham Funchess, Waterloo Human Rights Commission
Dr. Francis Degnin, Medical Ethicist and Professor of Philosophy
Dr. Ashleigh Kysar-Moon, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Diversity Colloquium: Race, Social Justice and Policing

Join us for a panel discussion that will explore the intersections of race, social justice and policing in the United States and Cedar Valley. A moderated panel discussion will address issues related to racism, racial violence, protest, activism, police brutality and their impact on the community. Panelists include Ryan Stevenson, a congressional staff member for Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer, a local social justice activist and UNI Alum (2018); Waterloo Police Chief, Dr. Joel Fitzgerald; and Professor of Criminology, Dr. Gayle Rhineberger.

Diversity Colloquium "What Can You Do With That?: Navigating Career Pathways in "Useless" Majors Through Service-Learning Partnerships"

Presented by: Cara Burnidge and Yasemin Sari, Assistant Professors of Philosophy & World Religions, philosophy students and EMBARC

Philosophy and the Study of Religion are often perceived as "useless" liberal arts majors, leaving students unprepared for careers after college. In response to these stereotypes, the Department of Philosophy & World Religions addresses these concerns through two critical service-learning seminars partnered with Ethnic Minorities of Burma Advocacy and Resource Center in Fall 2018. Yasemin Sari and Cara Burnidge, and their students, discuss their experiences, and demonstrate how these majors offer students opportunities to develop leadership and career-ready skills through course work, intentional service, and reflection.

Diversity Colloquium "Myth vs. Reality: Race, Gender, and (In)justice in the Media"

"Myth vs. Reality:  Race, Gender, and (In)justice in the Media"
Presented by Gayle Rhineberger-Dunn, Professor of Criminology

The media play an important role in constructing social reality, shaping our beliefs about crime and justice, and influencing criminal justice policy. This presentation focuses on the depictions of race, gender, crime, and (in)justices presented in prime-time crime fictional television programs, news media, and other popular culture outlets, and the significant consequences of these inaccurate media portrayals.

Diversity Colloquium: McNair Scholar Presentations

Kyla Ford “Evaluating School Conduct Policies in Relation to School Violence”
This presentation examines the relationship between the kinds of responses to violations in school conduct policies and the severity of violence in schools from 2016-2018 in the U.S.

Dante Miller “Remembering Obama in the Era of Trump”
This presentation examines the idea of post-racial ideas and their relationship to U.S. history, particularly in relation to the elections of Obama and Trump.

Diversity Colloquium: "How Do We End Mass Incarceration?"

Mass incarceration is the imprisonment of millions of persons in prisons and jails in numbers far beyond those necessary to insure public safety. It is a system that gives the United States the highest incarceration rates in the world and that disproportionately targets people of color. Reducing this number requires a multi-faceted approach in which we reform sentencing practices, reduce racial bias in the system, and increase the availability of services and programs that provide alternatives to incarceration and that reduce recidivism. The Iowa Justice Action Network (IJAN) was created in 2015 to advocate for policy changes in Iowa that address these issues. Dr. R. Allen Hays, Emeritus Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at UNI, will chair a panel from IJAN that will include those who provide services for those in prison or recently incarcerated, as well as individuals with direct experience in the system. 

R. Allen Hays, Emeritus Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, UNI
Aaron Hawbaker, Black Hawk County Public Defender’s Office
Sara Carter, Adult Correctional Services, Community Treatment Coordinator 1st Judicial District
Dan Tallman, Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counselor