Claire Kovacs: The SisterSerpents’ Rage + Bodily Autonomy

Tuesday, February 11, 2020 - 6:00 pm
The SisterSerpents slithered into being on July 4, 1989 as an anonymous, radical, feminist, art collective that was active in Chicago (and beyond) between 1989-1998. Made up a constantly shifting roster of women, they used a mixture of humor, creativity, and anger to shed light on and provoke discussion around a wide range issues related to misogyny. They curated exhibitions and performances, organized panels and discussions, wrote letters to the press, printed their own zine, and used guerrilla-style tactics to place their work around Chicago. Utilizing fierce, uncompromising, and intentionally aggressive language and practice, they asserted that “Our art is merely and marvelously our weapon.” This lecture situates their work in dialogue with their influences (The November Group and the Berlin Dadaists) and considers their resonance with contemporaneous artists (Guerrilla Girls, Barbara Kruger). 
Room 111, Kamerick Art Building
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Elizabeth A Sutton
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