Conducting Online Surveys: Methods, Platforms, and Ethical Considerations

Monday, February 10, 2020 - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm

Anita Gordon, PhD, Director of Research Ethics, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs
Kristin Moser, PhD, Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness
Megan Vogt-Kostner, M.A., Senior Research Analyst, Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness

Designing an online survey can seem like a breeze at first, but if not done well, can leave you with bad data, small sample sizes, and breaches of privacy - at a minimum, wasting your time as well as those who participated. When designed well, online surveys can be an inexpensive, useful, and efficient way to obtain data for research and program assessment. In this session, presenters will offer guidance on how to effectively conduct online surveys, including how to invite participation to maximize response rates, and how to use the survey platforms available, with an emphasis on UNI's subscription program, Qualtrics. In addition, ethical considerations will be discussed in regard to design, recruitment, and data management. We will not be covering how to develop research questions or design content to answer them. The focus will be on the technical aspects of recruitment, data collection, and data management processes using electronic survey methods.   

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