Engaging Men as Allies in Preventing Sexual Assault: A Conversation with Dr. Jackson Katz

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
The Center for Violence Prevention at University of Northern Iowa, Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and Riverview Center will host a conversation between Gwen Bramlet-Hecker, Iowa Program Director, Riverview Center, and Dr. Jackson Katz, educator, author, filmmaker and cultural theorist. Dr. Katz is internationally renowned for his pioneering scholarship and activism on issues of gender, race and violence. 
This virtual event will focus on why it's important to involve male voices in efforts to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault, and how colleges and their surrounding communities can intentionally and strategically engage men to take on more responsibility in ending all forms of gender violence. College students, public health and safety professionals and practitioners in the fields of education, victim services and prevention are encouraged to register and attend. 
Guest Student Panelists:
Hugh Zehr, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Philanthropy Chair
Ellie Boeding, President, Northern Iowa Student Government
Riley Rodemaker, MA in Psychology: Clinical Science
Jordan Weber, Sexual Assault Prevention Intern, OCEM
Virtual Zoom Webinar
Contact Information
Alan Heisterkamp, Ed.D.
(319) 273-3545