Memories: Decade of Depression & Keyboard Memories/You Have the Right to Forget @ UNI Interpreters Theatre

Saturday, November 6, 2021 - 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Memories is a night of innovative performances. Featuring: A Decade of Depression, Keyboard Memories, and You Have the Right to Forget.

About this event

Memories: A Night of Performances Exploring the Past, Present, & Future
at UNI Interpreters Theatre

Thursday, November 4 - 730PM
Friday, November 5 - 730PM
Saturday, November 6 - 730PM

FREE! Limited seating. Reserve on Eventbrite:

UNI Interpreters Theatre
Lang Hall 040

This evening includes three short performances:

A Decade of Depression
Written, Directed, & Performed by Niko Wohlford

What if you could know when your angsty teenage years would start end end? Using dark stand-up comedy, Woflhford recounts their first five years of depression and then compares and contrasts those years to the next five.

**NOTE: This performance covers complex issues of anxiety, depression, and suicide, and stages an anxiety attack

Keyboard Memories
Written & Directed by Tyler Montgomery

Have you ever wanted to have a conversation with yourself? Use your data to create a duplicate of you. All you have to do is share all your data engine search history. You will earn $1000 and the ability to have a 10-minute conversation with your data created self!

You Have the Right to Forget
Written & Directed by Tyler Montgomery

After the devastating effects of COVID-19, courtroom are no longer required to have physical participants. The plaintiff and the defendant can now submit tweets, phone recordings, and their own memories as evidence for the trial. Can a memory prove someone innocent, or will they always find them guilty?

The Interpreters Theatre performance laboratory embraces inclusivity and equity in our productions, and roles are available for any person and ability!

UNI Interpreters Theatre - Lang Hall 040
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