UNI Calendar Feeds

Importing a feed into a Google Calendar

To import a UNI calendar into a Google Calendar account (including UNI Google Calendars):

  1. Copy the appropriate link below.
  2. Open your Google Calendar.
  3. Click on the triangle next to Other Calendars (in the left-side column).
  4. Select Import by URL.
  5. Paste the URL into the pop-up box.
  6. Click Add Calendar. 

The links below may also be copied and imported into any calendar that can import iCal feeds.

Category Link
All Upcoming Events https://calendar.uni.edu/calendar/ical
Academic Calendar https://calendar.uni.edu/academic/ical
Student Organizations https://calendar.uni.edu/studentorgs/ical
Training https://calendar.uni.edu/training/ical
Alumni https://calendar.uni.edu/alumni/ical
Exhibits, Films, & Lectures https://calendar.uni.edu/aefl/ical
Athletics https://calendar.uni.edu/athletics/ical
Career Services https://calendar.uni.edu/careerservices/ical
Conferences, Workshops, & Camps https://calendar.uni.edu/cwc/ical
Diversity https://calendar.uni.edu/diversity/ical
Financial Aid https://calendar.uni.edu/financialaid/ical
Meetings https://calendar.uni.edu/meetings/ical
Performing Arts, Music & Theatre https://calendar.uni.edu/musicandtheatre/ical
Outreach Projects https://calendar.uni.edu/outreach/ical
Reaching for Higher Ground https://calendar.uni.edu/higherground/ical
Service Projects https://calendar.uni.edu/serviceprojects/ical
Special Events https://calendar.uni.edu/specialevents/ical

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Choose an XML Feed (current and future events for a department):