Using SciENcv and ORCID for NSF and NIH proposals

Thursday, September 21, 2023 - 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm
Learn how to use SciENcv and ORCID to prepare Biosketch and Current and Pending Support documents required for NSF, NIH, and other federal agency proposal applications and how these tools can help streamline the process. NSF will require the use of only SciENcv for the preparation of these forms by October 2023. This brief Zoom session will go over how to set up an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and how to use SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) to create, certify, and delegate the forms.
Zoom virtual session
Contact Information
Sean Parrish
(319) 273-3282