Wakonse Teaching Conference Information Session

Monday, February 11, 2019 - 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Facilitators: UNI Wakonse Fellows, including: Jonathan Chenoweth, Brittany Flokstra,
Elizabeth Hughes, & Jennifer Waldron

Overwhelmed by work?  Need some time for relaxation and inspiration?  Come find out how you can rejuvenate by attending the Wakonse Teaching Conference! Colleagues who have attended will share their experiences of the conference.  Wakonse takes place over Memorial Day weekend, 5/23-5/28, 2019.


 What you do: Pay $100 for registration. You will also need to pay for your food when
we’re driving to and from the conference.


What the CETL does: Pays for the rest of your registration.  Drives you to the conference and back.  Offers you the opportunity to learn new stuff about teaching, to get to know faculty from different disciplines and institutions from around the country, and to hang out on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan for 4 days. 


More information and a link to registration can be found
on the CETL website or click here to register.


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