William & Stephanie Clohesy Documentary Film Series: "Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Documentary filmmaker and Academy Award nominee Alice Elliott will host a screening of Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy, followed by a Q&A session; light refreshments will be served. Elliott is the inaugural visiting filmmaker in the William and Stephanie Clohesy Documentary Film Series. The goal of the series is to bring America's most distinguished documentary filmmakers to UNI. The series is sponsored by the Department of Communication Studies, and directed by David O’Shields, filmmaker-in-residence and adjunct instructor. 

Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy is a true story about two life-long friends who have made their home in Springfield, Illinois. Diana drives, cooks, shops, and has been Kathy's personal assistant and friend for the past 35 years. Remarkably, Diana has Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that gives her one extra chromosome and a lower IQ. Kathy on the other hand is 61, has a degree in English, but is non-verbal, and has had cerebral palsy since her birth. As part of their ongoing activist efforts to demystify disability, Diana and Kathy invited Alice into their home over a period of five years to create their film, Body & Soul: Diana & Kathy.  The documentary was screened in a number of film festivals and was shown on PBS in 2009.

Room 109, Center for Multicultural Education
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